Armorique (II)

Here Armorique is seen turning into Poole Harbour during her short spell on the link to Cherbourg. She was to perform the very last conventional passenger ferry sailings on the Poole/Cherbourg route in March 2010.
Photo: Barry Quince.

The second such named Armorique is the latest new-build for Brittany Ferries and she was a long time coming! Severe delays during construction saw her arrive almost two years late when she finally took up service on the Plymouth/Roscoff route in February 2009. She is effectively a sister to the freight-only vessel, Cotentin, her major difference being a substantial amount of additional passenger accommodation midships. When viewed bow-onwards she very much resembles the aforementioned. However, she takes on quite a 'top-heavy' and unattractive appearance from the side. Strangely she has been designed with twin-level access to her vehicle decks, yet no such facilities exist at either end of her Cross-Channel route to facilitate double-deck loading.

Armorique has been described by Brittany Ferries as being specifically designed for the six hour Plymouth/Roscoff crossing. This means she only has a self-service cafeteria (forget waiter service!) and there are no 'Commodore Class' cabins available. Extraordinarily, the new vessel was laid-up for her first winter, an indication of the seasonal and very much secondary status of the route she built for. It nevertheless is popular in the summer, taking holidaymakers to the extremely pretty French region of Brittany - from which the company takes its name, of course.