Duc de Normandie

This popular vessel was built as the Dutch flagged Prinses Beatrix, launched by her namesake in 1978 for the Harwich/Hoek Van Holland route across the North Sea. She was displaced eight years later by the substantially larger Koningin Beatrix. Brittany Ferries acquired her immediately to open their route between Portsmouth and Ouistreham (near Caen) to passengers in 1986. She was purchased and refitted for her role as Duc de Normandie, and she remained on that service until 2002, latterly in the shadow of her giant counterpart, Normandie. In anticipation of the delivery of Mont St. Michel, the old Duc de Normandie was transferred to the Plymouth and performed her final two seasons for the French company crossing to Roscoff. In 2004 she was sold to TransEuropa Ferries who renamed her Wisteria and offered for charter. This work has taken her down to the Mediterranean.

M. S. Prinses Beatrix
Builder: Verolme Scheepswerf Heusden B.V, Heusden, Holland.
Yard number: 959.
Dimensions (length, breadth, depth): 131.02 x 22.56 x 5.17 metres.
Tonnages (gross, net, dead weight): 9,356, 4,862, 1,887.
Engines: Four 8 cylinder, Stork-Werkspoor diesel.
Power: 16,182 kW.
Speed (knots): 21.
Passenger certificate: 1,500.
Car capacity: 320.

14.1.1978: Launched. Christened by H. R. H. Prinses Beatrix.
24.6.1978: Delivered to Stoomvaart Maatschappij Zeeland (S. M. Z.), Hoek Van Holland.
29.6.1978: Entered service Hoek Van Holland/Harwich.
1.10.1985: Sold to Société Economique Mixte D' Armement Naval Du Calvados, Morlaix.
1.5.1986: Renamed Duc de Normandie. Renovated in Rotterdam.
5.6.1986: Entered service Ouistreham (near Caen)/Portsmouth.
10.7.2002: Transferred to Roscoff/Plymouth.