Condor 12 / Holyman Rapide / Rapide / Seacat Rapide,
Stena Lynx III / P. & O. Stena Line Elite,
& Holyman Diamant / Diamant / Seacat Diamant

The third generation 81 metre catamarans developed in Tasmania were very similar to the previous design. The only notable modification was the provision of a 'cockpit' style wheelhouse which marginally altered their profile. These were also the first to feature the 'Incat' manufacturer's brand name emblazoned on the superstructure.

Condor 12 spent her first year on the Weymouth/Channel Islands link in 1996. Condor's parent company at that time, Holyman, renamed her Holyman Rapide and placed her on their short-lived Ramsgate/Oostende joint service with Sally Line in 1997. This folded after the route made heavy losses, and Holyman joined forces with Hoverspeed to resurrect Dover/Oostende sailings using the further renamed Rapide and her slightly modified sister, Diamant in 1998. Holyman's share in this venture was later bought out by Hoverspeed and the vessels adopted the well known 'Seacat' prefix in the dying years of the Hoverspeed service. Seacat Diamant performed the company's final crossing from Calais to Dover in November 2005.

Stena Lynx III, was delivered to Stena Line's short sea routes. When these were inherited by P. & O. Stena Line, she was renamed P. & O. Stena Line Elite. She spent the 1998 season on the Newhaven/Dieppe route, which was to close early the following year and leave her surplus to requirements. She then found employment on the Irish Sea for Stena Line where she has enjoyed a relatively uneventful existence for the last few years.

Condor 12, Stena Lynx III & Incat 041
Builder: International Catamarans, Hobart, Tasmania. Yard numbers: 038, 040, 041. Dimensions (length, breadth, depth): 80.61 x 26 x 3.14 metres. Tonnages (gross, dead weight): 4,113, 310. Engines: Four Ruston diesel. Power: 22, 000 kW. Speed (knots): 37. Passenger certificate: 654. Car capacity: 155.
17.2.1996: Condor 12 launched.
4.1996: Delivered to Holyman Group.
8.8.1996: Entered service for Condor Ferries Weymouth/St. Peter Port (Guernsey) /St. Helier (Jersey).
2.1997: Sold to Holyman Sally (Luxemburg) S. A. Renamed Holyman Rapide. Oostende/Ramsgate.
6.3.1998: Sold to Hoverspeed Holyman Limited, Luxemburg. Renamed Rapide. Service transferred to Oostende/Dover.
1.3.2001: Transferred to Isle of Steam Packet Company. Liverpool/Dublin.
28.3.2002: Belfast/Heysham.
4.2003: Belfast/Troon.

18.5.1996: Stena Lynx III launched.
26.5.1996:Delivered to American Fast Ferries Limited, Nassau, Bahamas. Chartered to Stena Line A. B., Göteborg.
4.7.1996: Entered service Dover/Calais.
26.3.1997: Newhaven/Dieppe.
10.3.1998: Renamed P. & O. Stena Line Elite.
1.11.1998: Withdrawn from service. Renamed Stena Lynx III.
7.12.1998: Fishguard/Rosslare.
10.2002: Laid up at A. & P. Tranmere Basin, England.

24.8.1996: Incat 041 launched.
9.1996: Delivered to Del Bene S. A., Buenos Aires, Argentina.
10.1996: Sold to Holyman Limited, Sydney, Australia. Renamed Holyman Express.
18.2.1997: Registered for Holyman Sally (Luxembourg) S. A., Luxembourg. Renamed Holyman Diamant.
1.3.1997: Entered service Oostende/Ramsgate.
9.3.1997: Collided with Sally Star at Ramsgate.
3.1998: Registered for Hoverspeed Holyman Limited, Luxembourg. Renamed Diamant. Service transferred to Oostende/Dover.
30.3.2001: Newhaven/Dieppe.
6.1.2002: Collided with Northern Merchant off Dover.

Stena Lynx III presents her dagger-like bow to advantage in this view of her arriving at Newhaven at around 6pm on a bright sunny day in the summer of 1997.

P. & O. Stena Line Elite glides past the eastern pier at Newhaven in calm sea conditions on an autumn evening in 1998.