Sally Star

Sally Star at her usual berth in Ramsgate. This has long since been mothballed.
Photo: Ferry Fantastic Collection.

With the introduction of P. & O.'s massive new tonnage at Dover in 1987, Sally Line felt compelled to compete by finding a 'superferry' for their own service from Ramsgate. The result was the charter of a second hand vessel from the Baltic previously named Travemunde Link. She made her debut for Sally Line in 1988 as Sally Star and was to be their largest ever vessel. Whilst her proportions were more modest than Pride of Dover and Pride of Calais, she was big improvement for the Ramsgate/Dunkerque (Ouest) route. Her Channel career ended with the formation of Holyman Sally Ferries in 1997. Sally Star was returned to her owners whilst Condor 10 took her place on the Dunkerque sailings. These were short lived with Holyman pulling out Ramsgate at the end of that year. Sally Line was out of business by the end of 1998.

M. S. Travemünde
Builder: Oy Wärtsilä A. B., Helsingfors, Finland.
Yard number: 432.
Dimensions (length, breadth, depth): 137.42 x 22.61 x 4.9 metres.
Tonnages (gross, net, dead weight): 9,120, 4,666, 4,150.
Engines: Four 12 cylinder, Wärtsilä diesel.
Power: 20,000 kW.
Speed (knots): 19.5.
Passenger certificate: 1,859.
Car capacity: 550.

30.1.1981: Launched.
15.6.1981: Delivered to Gedser-Travemünde Ruten A. S., Gedser, Denmark.
26.4.1988: Sold to Sea-Link A. B., Nacka, Sweden. Renamed Travemünde Link.
6.12.1988: Sold to Rederi A. B. Gotland. Chartered to Sally Line Limited. Renamed Sally Star.
7.12.1988: Entered service Ramsgate/Dunkerque.
9.3.1997: Collided with Holyman Diamant at Ramsgate. Sent to Arno Shipyard, Dunkerque for repairs.
13.4.1997: Withdrawn from Dunkerque/Ramsgate service.
8.5.1997: Chartered to Silja Line, Åbo, Finland. Unofficially renamed Wasa Express.
11.1997: Returned to Rederi A. B. Gotland, Visby. Renamed Thjelvar.
1.1.1998: Transferred to Destination Gotland service between Oskarshamn/Visby.

Sally Star arrives at Ramsgate on a dull day. She is seen in the 1990 revision of the Sally Line livery.
Photo: © Ted Ingham.

Sally Star is seen from the air in the 1996 livery that incorporated the 'seal head' motif of Sally Line's then parent company, Silja Line.
Photo: © Fotoflite.